About Kazandrah:

I began to offer Psychic Readings on a professional basis after graduating from The Washington Psychic Institute, Church of Divine Man in 1983. This is when I truly began my teaching and energy healing career.

In the following years I had the opportunity to grow spiritually and psychically by applying the skills I had learned at WPI to the restaurant I managed. My guides communicated to me that this was an excellent training ground for learning to manage energy in all types of situations. The restaurant became very successful and I was then guided to open a school for clairvoyant training. For 3 years the school did well with many graduating and taking these skills into their lives. I once again was guided to make change. This time for a sabbatical in the northern California Sierra Nevada mountains.

After 3 years there my guides were adamant that I move to Sedona, AZ. I have now been here for 19 years and as a result a high percentage of my clients are from repeat customers and referrals both locally and nationally.

I offer spiritual psychic counseling, energy healing and classes.

I am here to help you understand your life challenges, gifts and the opportunities that lie ahead on your path.     


Clairvoyant Medium, Psychic Healing, Tarot, Light Wave Healing, Crystals Awarness Classes, Aura Readings and Chakra Balancing. Ordained Minister 30 + experience, Classes, Moon Ceremonies 928-282-5637 


Thank you for such a great reading. I took some time to contemplate what you told me and it was spot on. The Healing Energy that runs through you is so clean. Thanks again for a great experience.


Hi Kazandrah. Once again thank you for all your help and wonderful healing. You have been invaluable to me through some steep growth periods. I hope to meet you in person one day. Maybe when I exit New York City.

Peace, David

Dearest Kazandrah

So if manifesting was a set of pipes.. all I can say is my pipes were so clogged and now after my session with you, my pipes are draino'ed. Your help is so significant in my academic, material, success ordinated reality. I was in dire need of your " Sedona Mystic " wisdom. Thank you.

Much Love, Nina